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This was an enjoyable book to read, it is quite slow-paced and undramatic, but it is nice for that as you get to know the characters slowly. The book tells the tale of Rose’s life, and her marriage to Ned while she continues a double life by being the mistress of Mylo. The author is [...]

Firstly I think this is a great intriguing title for a book! The book tells the story of Katherine and her process from the slums of Dublin to being the owner of a Boarding House in Liverpool (on a street nicknamed ‘Lonely Street’ due to the amount of husbands/fathers/brothers lost on the Titanic). The story [...]

I find this book really dark and depressing so, although I admire it as a great work, I don’t really enjoy reading it. The characters are all horrible; they don’t seem to have one redeeming or attractive feature. I find it difficult to care for them or their future, or to wish them well; usually [...]

This is one of the funniest books I have ever read. It is very gentle and undramatic, but it describes funny situations so accurately. The characters are determined to have their adventure on a boat on the Thames, but are actually pretty hopeless and get themselves into all kinds of funny situations. I feel I [...]

I really enjoyed this book, the author reminded me of Agatha Christie. The story was really gripping and I found it hard to put the book down. It is definitely one of those ‘just one more chapter’ books. The story was well written with lots of clues and characters and puzzles to keep you guessing [...]

I feel a bit bad, but I really didn’t like this book. I persevered with it to the end as I did want to discover what happened to the characters, but I had to push myself to keep going with it. There were several things I didn’t like – mainly the scenes of Delia’s father [...]

I love this book, I have read it so many times. It is a really gripping, old fashioned mystery and suspense story that grabs your attention and holds it right to the end of the book. There are many surprises, and twists and turns to keep you guessing, and it is so well written. The [...]

Ready or Not by Chris Manby

This is the first Chris Manby book I have read, although she has been highly recommended by friends. It didn’t grab me at first and I thought it would be a typical simplified ‘chick lit’, but there was more to it than that. It intrigued me as the main character, Heidi, was having doubts about [...]

Even though I love all the Jane Austen books and I am a massive fan of hers, I think this is my least favourite of the six books. I dislike all of the characters really. They all seem the complete opposite of every other character in her other books, and the qualities that are praised [...]

Oooooh, this book is absolutely one of the best books I have ever read! It was fantastic, and I actually felt lost and sad when I’d finished it as I had got so involved in these characters’ lives and felt like I’d gone through so much with them that I was really reluctant to leave [...]

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Please leave your reviews and comments about any books you have read, whether they be old classics such as Bronte, Austen or Dickens, or modern-day classics such as Dan Brown, Cathy Kelly or Marian Keyes.