I loved Enid Blyton’s books when I was a child – they are fantastic and pure delightful escapism. I think the Faraway Tree ones were my favourite though – Moonface, Silky, and The Saucepan Man. I remember Moonfaces’ Toffee Shocks that exploded in your mouth, and the fantastic slide inside his house that sent you all the way to the bottom of the tree with the squirrel at the bottom to collect the cushions. And Silky’s Pop Biscuits sounded delicious. I also liked old Dame Washalot that dropped her dirty water down the tree, as well as the Angry Pixie and Mr Watzisname, and the Whispering Trees in the Enchanted Wood that spoke to you if you put your arms around the trunk and pressed your left ear to it.

I was also fascinated by all the lands at the top of this tree, and the fact that the characters could just climb up and enter them. There was a different one each time and you, as a reader, could be a part of this fantastic land and escape into all these places – but still come back safely when you’d have enough adventures. What a genius idea! I could never decide which was my favourite land – I remember one where everything was free (The Land of Take-What-You-Want) and the children collected gifts for their parents, how good and thoughtful they were! I also loved the Land of Birthdays where you wished for your favourite foods, and you also had a wish with your slice of birthday cake. I loved the children’s wishes, especially for the walking & talking doll – I always wanted something like that!

Enid Blyton has to be the best children’s writer of all time, she had such imagination. I so much wanted to be a part of her worlds, and even today I can quite happily sit down and read her books again and again.