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This was an enjoyable book to read, it is quite slow-paced and undramatic, but it is nice for that as you get to know the characters slowly. The book tells the tale of Rose’s life, and her marriage to Ned while she continues a double life by being the mistress of Mylo.

The author is fascinating in the way she writes as I realised that from the first couple of chapters I had already been led to make certain judgements about the main characters, and yet at the end of the book I had been shown completely different sides of them and had different opinions of them.

The book also made me think about how much people keep hidden and how little their smiles and pleasant words actually display their true thoughts. And it also made me aware of how vital it is to feel secure – even though Rose wasn’t in love with Ned she wasn’t willing to leave him for Mylo and it takes time for her (and the reader) to become aware that this is because Ned offers her security and perhaps this is more important to her than the excitement and passion that Mylo offers her. At the beginning of the book I presumed Rose would leave Ned, and was keen for her to do so, thinking that her happiness surely lay with Mylo. But the author makes you see, in a very gentle way, that it is important to feel secure and this is what Ned could offer her, and what she accepted. Perhaps the author is trying to show us that Rose’s choices are actually a true reflection of most peoples’ and we crave and need security more than the exciting and dramatic life we may think we are destined to lead.