This is a very gripping read all about the conflict in Jerusalem between the Jews and the Arabs and their disagreement to who the city truly belongs. The main character is Maggie Costello, who is a peace negotiator, brought in to help forward the peace process between the two sides. However an historical clay tablet has been discovered, that has huge repercussions on the peace talks, and for anyone who comes in contact with it. Many people die trying to reveal this tablet’s secrets, and Maggie herself is also in danger as she pursues the truth.

This is very dramatic right from the start, and it gets you hooked quickly and becomes impossible to put down. The main theme of discovering the last will of Abraham and his decision of who Jerusalem should really belong to, is a great and unusual idea. I love the mix of historical references, religion, and mystery thriller. I did struggle to follow all the politics and which side was which, but I am sure this is due to my appalling lack of world knowledge rather than any explanations missing from the book. But even if, like me, you don’t have much knowledge about the conflict in Jerusalem, the book is a great thriller and very enjoyable to read.

I liked the main character of Maggie Costello and admired her bravery, and also liked the fact she has her weaknesses and self-doubts and she has made mistakes, all of which form how she acts in certain situations.

I really enjoyed this book and particularly how the story unfolds piece by piece with lots of hidden clues and references that aren’t apparent until all is revealed. It would be a great book to read again and again, as I’m sure more clues become apparent when you reread it after knowing the full story.