This book is about Laura, who is known as being a ‘hopeless romantic’ and always looking at life as if it is a Jane Austen novel. However she realises this is an unrealistic perception of the world and strives to change, and to become more like Mrs Danvers from ‘Rebecca’ than a character from Jane Austen! Romance still follows her though, try as she might to resist it, but as she has grown and changed and learns things by trying to be a new person, so she sees things in a different way and realises in the end she can still enjoy the romance of life while at the same time having her feet on the ground.

I was certain I’d like this book after just seeing the first page which included a quote from Jane Austen’s Emma! I also like all things romantic, so the book seemed perfect. I had read another Harriet Evan’s book (‘Going Home’) which was ok, but I didn’t rate it up there with my favourites, but I adored this book. It was a perfect mix of romance and humour, anxiety about whether things would work out as I wanted them, and girly pleasure when they did! Very much a book to make you feel good and brighten your day.

I really liked the main character, Laura, as she seemed to have 2 sides to her – one as a well-rounded and sensible person and the other a silly romantic heroine with her head in the clouds dreaming of her Mr Darcy, (just like most people I think, myself included!) and at different times throughout the book each side was shown. She was very entertaining to read about. I could sympathise and understand her, and put myself in her place, and yet I also wished her well and hoped things would work out for her. I liked how she tried to fight her feelings about Dan as she knew the situation was wrong, and felt guilty about her neglect of her friends, her family, and her work. She is basically a good person who means well. I also loved her romantic dizzy side as this is a lovely way to view life – although perhaps not all the time. She is horrified when she realises she has hurt people, and I like the way she strives to put it right again. (However I am not sure I agree totally with throwing away all her novels – that seemed a bit harsh, a girl has to have a bit of escapism!)

The book has a good sense of humour and little things that the characters say, particularly Nick and Laura, made me laugh.

I really enjoyed this book – it is very readable. I usually like most ‘chick-lit’ books, but this one is better than the rest and I really liked reading it.