This is quite an unusual book – very interesting, and thought provoking, and discussion provoking. The author obviously feels very strongly about the issue he details in this book and wants to alert and educate us, and has chosen a great way to do it as this book is exciting and dramatic and tense, and yet at the same time manages to get across a message.

The book is all about genetics and the research and money that goes into it, and the unclear moral and legal issues regarding it. The story, and the author’s views, are told by using several different storylines and characters, and detailing their experiences at the hands of the genetic scientists and courts. These make fascinating storylines and I doubt anyone else could have done this as well as Michael Crichton. This is just as gripping and enthralling as his other books, and yet is different from them as it does feel as if he is educating you. It is a fantastic read with the perfect mix of dramatic, and almost unbelievable, twists and turns and circumstances mixed with bare facts and figures. It is an extremely clever book and he is an amazing writer.

It is difficult to describe the book though as it consists of lots of short stories put together. This jumping from one story to another does build up tension and, as one chapter ends on a cliffhanger and the next begins with a different storyline, he leaves you turning pages rapidly to find out what will happen.

I did find the book disturbing though, as it is scary to contemplate that things like this may be going on. The book is fiction, but you can easily imagine it happening, or has already happened and been concealed. Themes such as the money and profit involved in genetic technology, and how this changes scientists’ morals and priorities is worrying. I, naively, like to think the scientists are all striving to help the human race and to cure fatal diseases, but this book makes you think it is all just about massive profits. Several of the storylines also unsettled me, such as the idea that our own body cells may be deemed to be owned by scientists and we have no say or rights in how they are used or gained, and also the animal experimentation that is going on and the pain and cruelty that is involved in that, and the fact that scientists seem to be messing with nature.

This is a completely different novel to anything else I have ever read – it is very powerful and thought provoking, but also disturbing and unsettling. However, I do feel that no-one could have done this as excellently as Michael Crichton – his books are amazing and he seems so far ahead of everyone else when it comes to dramatic and thrilling writing.

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