Ana, a lonely and sad girl still living at home with her difficult and demanding mother, learns that her sister, Bee, has died. There was a quite an age difference between the 2 sisters and they had lost touch. Ana travels to London to sort out arrangements and collect her sister’s belongings, but discovers great mysteries in her sister’s life and also, through searching for the truth, in turn discovers her own character and what she wants from life.

This was a great and unusual idea – a sister trying to find out, in retrospect, all about her dead sister’s life and friends and interests and, dramatically, how and why she died. It is quite a mystery story really and is very entertaining. It wasn’t only Ana who didn’t know Bee – her close friends who saw her regularly didn’t actually know much about her, and she effectively lived a double life. It was fascinating to discover, with Ana, all the mysteries in Bee’s life and why she had felt such a need to be so secretive.

I wasn’t expecting much from this book as I had read Ralph’s Party and didn’t really enjoy it, but this was completely different and very enjoyable. It was a perfect mix of touching family life, loneliness, finding love, belonging, empathy, and mystery. I heartily recommend reading it!

One-hit Wonder (Paperback)

By (author): Lisa Jewell

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