This is the story of a group of friends who have been close for years and went through university together. They have now grown apart slightly and have important relationships with other people, however they are all still there for one another and value their long friendship. One of the group is soon to be married and all the friends, and respective partners, travel on holiday for the wedding. This exposes tensions in the original friendships, jealousies and rivalries between old friends and new partners, and secrets being shared that perhaps should not be.

I found I struggled with this book – I felt I should like it as it details the lives of 6 young (ish) people, some in couples and some not, and is the type of book I usually enjoy, and I had heard lots of praise for the author. But I found it difficult to actually like any of the characters – Tash seems the nicest and most normal person, but I didn’t really identify or care about her a great deal. (I remember I struggled to like the characters in another Adele Parks book I read called The Other Women’s Shoes, and I wonder if Adele Parks deliberately chooses to write characters that don’t seem immediately attractive, and also whether this makes for a more realistic story as indeed in real life you don’t necessarily like everyone you meet).

However I was glad I stuck with this book as it improved towards the second half (the friend I had borrowed the book from had given up halfway through). I actually found it quite an interesting book in the end – each character seemed really shallow and predictable at the start, but they turn out to be quite complex and go through dramatic, even life-changing, experiences.

It also very much intrigued me which character the title was designed for – I originally assumed the main characters were Rich & Tash and the title applied to them. But it actually could be any, or all, of the characters and their complicated relationships – Jase & Mia, Jayne & Rich, Ted & Kate, Lloyd & Sopie, or Greta & Lloyd – or could just describe all the friends together and their constant reminiscing of their university days and the influence their shared memories have on their present-day decisions. I’d be interested in other readers’ views of the significance of the title.

I am really glad I persevered with it as my feeling now is that it is a really quite clever, well-thought out, and intelligent story. I think when I return the book to my friend I will recommend she finishes it to the end!

Still Thinking of You (Paperback)

By (author): Adele Parks

A work of women's fiction.
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