This is the story of Laura, Bella, Steve, and Philip, and their complicated lives and how these lives are intricately interwoven. It deals with the bad decisions that they make and how these decisions affect the others’ lives, the strength of their relationships to be able to come through these problems, and also about how people’s past can influence their present.

I really enjoyed this book – it was recommended to me by my sister who has actually read it twice, starting immediately again once she’d first finished it! I liked the characters, they all seemed very real with their quirky ways and hang-ups, and their pasts that still haunted them and influenced their decisions. I love the fact that each chapter is told by one of the 4 characters, as this makes it feel more personal and as if you are privy to their private thoughts, or as if you are reading their diary. It also ensures you identify more with each character – if the story was just told by one character then you’d get to know this person well and see people through their eyes, whereas I feel as if I know every character well.

The book has good humour, and I love the individualities of each character even though these are quite varied and you’d think that on the face of it the widely different characters wouldn’t gel together (such as a bigamist, an Elvis tribute guy, an Australian, parents, non-parents, a single mother, a bereaved mother, etc!). But I feel this reflects real life very well, as you often mix together with a whole host of people all bringing different qualities to your life.

I also like the bit at the end of the book about Adele Parks, it is always interesting to find out more about the authors.