This is as fantastic a book as the others in ‘The Spoils of Time’ trilogy, and I am so sad to have reached the end. This is the final conclusion of the Lytton family, and the tie-ing up of all the loose ends. However it is still full of surprises and great new storylines. The younger characters have much more the central roles, such as Sebastian’s daughter Izzie, and Venetia’s daughter Elspeth, and Barty’s daughter Jenna, and because of this it really does feel as if you have lived with this family as you were first introduced to these a while ago and in this book you are following their successes and mistakes. As well as plenty of new characters, there are still really interesting storylines for some of the older characters, such as Adele and Barty, as well as Lyttons Publishing (which almost feels like a character in itself). The book is also spread fairly evenly between America and England, which works well.

As in the other 2 books there are still really strong female characters, full of determination and courage. Lady Celia still features heavily and continues to have her influence on the family. There is both sadness and happiness in the book; both deaths and births, and some endings to characters really did move me to tears as I have grown so attached to them.

I was a bit puzzled at the ending though – I was wondering which character would end up with the final word, and therefore would be our final thought of the Lyttons, and I was surprised at who it was and their storyline.

I am full of admiration for this enormous work, and hope the author eventually does another trilogy as it is such a treat to be able to stay with characters for so long and watch them develop like this. I will definitely read these books over and over again. I miss the Lytton family already – I tried to delay reading this final installment as long as I could as I didn’t want to reach the end of this fantastic series. It is an absolutely brilliant piece of work, Penny Vincenzi is a fantastic writer.