This is an invaluable reference book, and one that would be interesting to all book lovers. It lists a wide range of books, both modern and classic, with a short review of each (not spoiling any endings) and other useful information, and is intended to help Book Clubs choose their next book and to suggest topics for discussion about each book.

I found it really interesting to read reviews of my favourite books, as it made me consider things I hadn’t previously thought of. I also found it made me want to read lots of other books I hadn’t previously read – I have already compiled quite a list, which should be useful for Christmas! And it also encouraged me to re-read books I haven’t read for a while, (such as Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles) as perhaps I will now judge them differently. It is great to keep and refer to, and would be good to take with you to a bookshop or library as you can quickly check if a book would appeal to your taste. It would be great to read even if you don’t belong to a Book Club as it is always interesting to read others’ opinions.

The whole book has been well put together and has lots of useful features. It is easy to use as is in alphabetical order and, with the contents page too, this ensures you can quickly find a particular book. I also found the ‘discussion points’ very good – they often made me think and reconsider things about books I know well. The ‘background information’ was also very interesting as I like to know a bit about authors and the history of a book. The ‘suggested companion books’ was also a really good idea, detailing other books in a similar vein to the one reviewed. (I also found this useful in reverse – to judge whether the reviewed book would be to my taste). The inclusion of the year the book was published was also valuable, as sometimes I fancy reading an older book and sometimes a new book, so this helps with my choice.

Overall I feel this has helped me know my favourite books better, and I have got quite a list of other books that I want to read. I recommend you have paper and pen to hand when you first read this book – as you will soon be making a list of your own. I really hope another Book Club Bible is compiled.

Containing a diverse selection of books to choose from, this guide explains why titles are book-club worthy, and includes discussion points and facts, and partner books. It offers suggestions on books that complement each other with interlinking themes, and tips on similar titles that might also prove a hit.
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