This is a typically good book from Reginald Hill – thrilling and tense and full of twists and turns. He lulls you into thinking you are understanding the plot and everything is falling into place, then he twists the story around and you realise you were on completely the wrong track! He is a great storyteller, and I really like Dalziel and Pascoe as characters. I also really enjoy the sarcastic humour in the book – usually coming from Dalziel. I also admire how well the characters gel together. They are both so different – Pascoe being quite refined and educated, and Dalziel quite abrupt and rude.

The story regards a mystery in a South Yorkshire mining community, and the difficulties faced by the police in penetrating the close-knit and distrustful residents. It is spread over several years, dealing with a present day death and how this may relate to the disappearance of a young girl years before.

Paperback. Pub Date :2009-06-25 Pages: 352 Language: English Publisher: HarperCollins UK 'Hill is an instinctive and complete novelist who is blessed with a spontaneous storytelling gift' Frances Fyfield. Mail on Sunday.When young Tracey Pedley vanished in the woods around Burrthorpe. the close-knit community had their own ideas about what had happened. but Deputy Chief Constable Watmough has it down as the work of a child-killer who has since committed suicide - though others wondered about the last man to see her alive and his fatal plunge into the disused mine shaft.Returning to a town he left in anger. Colin Farr's homecoming is ready for trouble. and when a university course brings him into contact with Ellie Pascoe. trouble starts ... Meanwhile Andy Daziel mutters imprecations on the sidelines. until a murder in Burrthorpe mine forces him to take action that brings him...
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