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Windfall by Penny Vincenzi

This is another superb book by Penny Vincenzi. I always enjoy her books as they have such strong female characters, full of determination and courage. She so accurately portrays the two sides of her female characters – on the surface they appear so well presented and to fit perfectly into their society with politeness, charm, [...]

I picked this book up just from the intriguing and unusual title, and the book lived up to my curiosity. It is full of mysteries and psychological dramas – a bit unsettling in places, but keeps you thinking right until the end. Throughout the whole book you are made to feel that things are being [...]

This book review was supplied by Sean Paul White I just came across a delightful, beautifully produced children’s book entitled ‘The Carpet Dwellers’ by Allan Warren. My children love it! The characters are so believable, the story line can only teach children to see things in a bright wonderful educational way without realising it! A [...]

This was a storyline that intrigued me – a young girl, Susie, is murdered and then looks down from Heaven at her family and observes how they deal with their grief, and also looks down upon her murderer as he goes unpunished for her death. I had delayed reading this book for a long time, [...]

I was completely intrigued by the basic storyline detailed on the back of the book – it seemed so very unusual, very brave, and also very emotional and controversial. I was immediately curious to read it. The book tells the sad story of the Henry family – the wife Norah gives birth to twins, but [...]

I really enjoyed this book, I had never heard of Elizabeth Gaskell until recently and was surprised to learn she even contributed stories to Charles Dicken’s publications. She doesn’t seem as well known as people like Jane Austen, but I can’t think why not as this novel was outstanding and I’ll definitely read her others. [...]

This is quite an odd book, but enjoyable! The whole plot sounds crazy when you try to describe it to someone, and I was very doubtful when my friend described the book to me, but her judgement is usually good so I decided to try it. The story is about a Police Department that investigates [...]


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