This is quite an odd book, but enjoyable! The whole plot sounds crazy when you try to describe it to someone, and I was very doubtful when my friend described the book to me, but her judgement is usually good so I decided to try it. The story is about a Police Department that investigates crimes involving nursery characters! These nursery characters (such as Humpty Dumpty, Wee Willie Winkie, etc) live alongside regular humans, and the story focuses on the murder of Humpty Dumpty and the search for his murderer.

It is very entertaining with quite a fun sarcastic sense of humour and with lots of subtle references to well-known nursery rhymes, and it reads like a ‘normal’ detective story. The whole thing just sounds very odd, and I’d have loved to have been there to see the author describe the idea to his publishers, but I’d definitely recommend it as worth a read.