I really enjoyed this book. It is the story of Andrea and her time as an assistant to Miranda Priestly; the editor of Runway fashion magazine and a very demanding woman. The book is amusing as the author is very sarcastic about the fashion industry, and the importance given it by those inside the industry. Miranda is a fantastic character – it is difficult to believe anyone could be quite as rude and horrible as she and, even though her actions and demands are shocking, it makes for great reading. Some examples of her outrageous requests cause ridiculous situations such as Andrea having to order several breakfasts each morning, one after another, as Miranda demands her breakfast ready immediately when she arrives at work and isn’t willing to wait for it to be ordered and delivered; consequently several breakfasts are thrown away until Miranda arrives! Another example is her requesting the new unreleased Harry Potter book for her children; when Andrea finally manages to convince the publishers to give it to her she then has the books flown out on a private plane hired just for this one purpose!

Miranda is an amazing character and shares the limelight of the main role with Andrea. She is a complete one-off and very memorable. It is difficult to believe no-one has actually stood up to Miranda and told her that her behaviour is unacceptable, and the awe in which she is held (with everyone jumping immediately at her commands and deferring to her even when she is unreasonable) is fascinating. I see the author did work as a fashion assistant so I am intrigued at how much of this is true, or whether it is all just exaggerated.

I love the way Andrea tries to get back at her in little ways; such as buying extra coffees from the coffee-shop, when she is sent out to buy one for Miranda, and then giving these extra ones to the homeless. Another part of the book that amused me greatly was when Andrea’s outfits were planned down to the last detail by the fashion department and she actually had sheets of instructions to refer to for such occasions as travelling to and from the airport.

The whole book is very enjoyable and entertaining. It is amusing without being silly as the amusement is provided by the sarcasm of the author and the character of Miranda. It is a great read.