I really enjoyed this book, it stood out from other books in its ‘class’ (chick-lit type books) as it deals with quite powerful and emotive subjects, like rape and alcoholism, and yet is still very readable.

It is the story of Kendra and her difficulties dealing with life after her rape. She has chosen not to tell anyone about this experience so is dealing with her emotions and memories all alone, which results in her blaming herself and directing her feelings of hate and anger inwards. The other main characters in the book are a family consisting of mother Ashlyn, father Kyle, and children Summer and Jaxon. They are also going through a difficult time as Ashlyn is an alcoholic and this has destroyed their family life; her children are traumatised by what they have witnessed, and her husband is trying to understand his feelings towards his wife and the breakdown of their marriage.

Kyle, the children, and Kendra develop a close relationship over time and she becomes almost a surrogate mother to the children. The strength and trust which they offer each other brings about changes in all of them and helps them deal with their problems. It is a lovely story full of hope, demonstrating how powerful love can be and how much it can help, and also that this help and love can be offered by unexpected people.