I always love Mary Higgins Clark’s books as they are such good and entertaining plots full of twists and coincidences.

This is a really tantalising storyline – Celia is bought a house as a surprise present from her husband, yet (unknown to everyone else) Celia is actually Liza Barton who lived in this same house as a child until she shot her mother and stepfather! As she struggles to deal with the memories this causes, and also fearing her real identity will be discovered, people connected with the house (estate agent, handyman, etc) begin to be murdered.

What a wonderful set of coincidences and secrets and mysteries! This is a typically light-weight and entertaining story rather than an in-depth thriller, but still very enjoyable and guaranteed to have you reading ‘just one more’ chapter.

No Place Like Home (Paperback)

By (author): Mary Higgins Clark

A riveting new thriller from America's Queen of Suspense, a young woman is ensnared into returning to a place she had wanted to leave behind forever - her childhood home.
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