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Review supplied by Cindy Hiday, Author and Writing Instructor Set in Depression Era Portland, Oregon, A Father’s Heart is rich in period language and details. Three generations of women rely on their love for each other and a steadfast faith in God to get them through hard times. Though smoothly told from several viewpoints, this [...]

This is an interesting book, with very strong characters for whom you develop strong feelings. It is the story of schoolchild Tom Curdie, living in the grim slums of Glasgow in the 1950s, and his teacher Charlie Forbes who genuinely wants to help Tom and improve his life, but is ignorant of the best way [...]

I found this book, at the same time, gripping and yet difficult to get into! It tells the story from two people’s viewpoints, and from two different times, plus we (the readers) aren’t given the name or identity of one of the people! Therefore it is quite hard work to follow, and I found I [...]

Lark Rise by Flora Thompson

This is the first book in the trilogy of the ‘Lark Rise to Candleford’ series. I have to admit, this was quite a different book from what I had imagined after watching the TV dramatisation of the story. The book doesn’t really read like a story unfolding, it is more a historical record of the [...]

This is a beautifully written story, that grabs you by the heartstrings. It is quite emotional, and I was often in tears reading it, which sometimes made it quite hard-going, but it is a very uplifting and hopeful tale. It is the story of Kamryn, and how her life dramatically changes when her former best [...]


Classic Book Club

Please leave your reviews and comments about any books you have read, whether they be old classics such as Bronte, Austen or Dickens, or modern-day classics such as Dan Brown, Cathy Kelly or Marian Keyes.