This is a beautifully written story, that grabs you by the heartstrings. It is quite emotional, and I was often in tears reading it, which sometimes made it quite hard-going, but it is a very uplifting and hopeful tale.

It is the story of Kamryn, and how her life dramatically changes when her former best friend dies and leaves her daughter, Tegan, in her care. Kamryn has to learn to adapt her life to the little girl’s needs, which are sometimes quite demanding as Tegan has to come to terms with the loss of her mother, so Kamryn is dealing with another’s grief as well as her own. Kamryn is also struggling with feelings of guilt, as she didn’t have time to make things up with her friend before she died.

The story is very well written, and has quite a few dramatic events within it, ensuring the book is difficult to put down. The scenes where Tegan’s mother, Adele, dies are stunningly written and, even though we as readers don’t know the character of Adele well at that stage, I found myself in floods of tears. The feelings of grief are depicted so well throughout the book – Kamryn or Tegan can be having an ordinary day and something will remind them of Adele, and suddenly they are grieving and emotional.

There are also other themes within the book – Adele’s father and stepmother and their brutal treatment of, first Adele as a child and then later Tegan, makes very hard and disturbing reading. Kamryn also has to face her feelings about her past relationships with Adele, and her ex-boyfriend Nate. These come close to overwhelming her at times and yet, for the sake of Tegan, she has to work through and deal with these hurt feelings. In fact the experiences that Kamryn goes through, on behalf of Tegan, are quite remarkable and inspiring. The book demonstrates how much a person can deal with and achieve, and how selfless they can be, in the name of love and, particularly, love and responsibility for a child.

This is a lovely book – one of those that stay in your mind for a time after finishing it, and strike you with how beautifully and sensitively it is written.

My Best Friend's Girl (Paperback)

By (author): Dorothy Koomson

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