I began this book with great anticipation as I adore all the other Wilkie Collins’ novels that I have read. However, I didn’t rate this one as highly as I have done the others – I still enjoyed it, but it didn’t have the suspense factor and excitement of his other books. To be honest, it reminded me of a Dickens’ book where you discover that all the main characters are somehow related to one another – this unrealism I can accept in Dickens’ books as they are so beautifully woven together and all the characters are so deep and well written, but I didn’t feel the same acceptance with Collins’ Hide and Seek book.

The novel centres on the history of Madonna, a deaf and dumb girl taken in as a young child by Valentine Blyth, a painter. She is brought up by him and his wife, yet he is always in fear that her true parents will eventually come to claim her, so keeps her story (only partly known by him) a secret from everyone. Blyth’s friend, Zack Thorpe, meets a stranger who recognises Madonna, and gradually her history is discovered.

Hide and Seek is an interesting and enjoyable read, but just not as memorable and gripping as my favourite novels of Collins’; The Woman in White and Moonstone. I have read those two several times, yet cannot imagine reading Hide and Seek again.

Hide and Seek (Paperback)

By (author): Wilkie Collins

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