I had only read Du Maurier’s better known books before (Rebecca, My Cousin Rachel, and Jamaica Inn) so wondered if her lesser known ones would be as gripping. This perhaps wasn’t as foreboding and as full of unseen menace as Rebecca and My Cousin Rachel, but it was gripping and dramatic never-the-less and a very enjoyable read.

The story is of Lady Dona St Columb, who is bored with her glamorous London life and is keen for a change. She comes to her husband’s country estate in Cornwall, (Navron) and then ends up leading a completely different life to the one she knows – full of daring escapades, romance, danger, and secrecy, all in company with a hunted French pirate, Jean Aubrey.

The story moves along at a good pace, from her first arriving at Navron and adjusting to the quiet pace of country life there, to her first suspicions that her servant, William, is concealing something, to discovering the presence of the pirate, then falling in love with him and taking part in his adventures, to her life being endangered, and a dramatic rescue attempt that she masterminds, then the choice she has to make of whether she follows her heart and the pirate, or her loyalties to her husband and children.

This was a very enjoyable read, full of drama and romance, and good strong characters.

Frenchman's Creek
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