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As a new reader of Robert Goddard novels Into the Blue was recommended to me by a friend as being ‘one of the best’! I certainly wasn’t disappointed! ‘Unputdownable’ from the start – Goddard enables the reader to get to know the main characters and feel a sympathy but admiration for Harry Barnett. His determination and courage in trying to find Heather (who has disappeared on a mountain in Rhodes) takes us on twists and turns, alternately feeling optimistic and disappointed. A fantastic story.

Into the Blue (Paperback)

By (author): Robert Goddard

Harry Barnett is a middle-aged failure. Leading a shabby existence in the shadow of a past disgrace, he is reduced to caretaking a friend's villa on the island of Rhodes and working in a bar to earn his keep. Then a guest at the villa - a young woman he had instantly and innocently warmed to - disappears on a mountain peak. Under suspicion of her murder, Harry stumbles on a set of photographs taken in the weeks before her disappearance. Obsessed by the mystery that has changed his life and determined to clear his name, he begins to trace back the movements and encounters that led to the moment when she vanished into the blue. The trail leads him back to England, to a world he thought he had left for ever - and a past he has tried desperately to forget.
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