I do absolutely adore Penny Vincenzi books, but, although I enjoyed this, I felt it wasn’t one of my favourites and I probably wouldn’t read it again and again as I do her others. Normally one of the main things I like about Vincenzi’s books are the details of her characters; you end up living their lives with them, often over several decades, and I love this detail. But the characters in this book I just didn’t particularly warm to so I found it hard to care about what happened to them.

The book deals with lots of different and interesting subjects, some quite difficult and dark at times. The book’s main theme is the discovery for Charlotte, Georgina and Max that the man they thought was their father, Alexander, the Earl of Caterham, isn’t actually their father. They decide, each at different periods of their lives, to search for their real father and this brings up lots of emotion and soul-searching.

The main character of the book at the beginning is Virginia Caterham, but from the middle to end it is Angie (Virginia’s assistant who later marries Virginia’s brother, Baby) who is the most important character and who affects all the others. The story passes from 1956 all the way to 1988 and is set in both America and England, and each chapter features a different character’s perspective, so it is quite an epic and involving novel. I usually love this aspect of Vincenzi’s books, but I think the problem for me was that I just didn’t like Angie!

However, it is a good quality and involving read detailing the characters’ personal lives and the newsworthy events happening at the times – just as most of Vincenzi’s books do so well. Vincenzi writes so brilliantly that you just feel drawn into her characters’ worlds.