This is a children’s book so is not one I would normally read, and I therefore find it difficult to judge whether it was good or not as I’m obviously not the target reader, and the subject matter (spies) isn’t really one that interests me greatly. But having said that, I did find the book gripping and I raced through it. The book is the first in the series of 14 year old Alex Rider’s adventures as he is recruited into MI6 and sent on his first dangerous mission.

I thought the exciting situations that Alex found himself in were very imaginative, particularly the one towards the end (not wanting to give anything away) and were full of suspense and action. Alex is an interesting and inspiring character; very brave and determined and able to overcome struggles and difficulties, yet he is also fairly alone in the world with only himself to depend on. I can imagine therefore that this series would appeal very much to people of a similar age to Alex, and I’d love to hear their opinion of it.

Although this type of book isn’t really my thing and obviously wasn’t as in-depth as an adult book, I would happily read more in the series as I am intrigued with what will happen next to Alex Rider.

Alex Rider 1 Cd: Stormbreaker (Paperback)

By (author): Anthony Horowitz

248 pages. Ex-Library. Book is in Very good condition throughout. When M16 Recognizes His Potential, Rider Is Armed With Secret Gadgets And Sent On His First Mission. But The Teenager Spy Soon Finds Himself In Mortal Danger.
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