I picked up this book for a pound in a second hand bookshop purely as the title sounded so intriguing – there is just something about the thought of reading a diary, something almost forbidden and guilt inducing. Then I read the back and realised the inn in question was fairly local to me (The Castle Hotel in Taunton) so these two facts definitely sold the book to me.

I loved reading it, and wished it would have gone on for longer. I searched on Amazon to see if the author had written any more, but sadly not. The owner of The Castle Hotel, and the author of the book, is Kit Chapman and he seems an interesting man – very dedicated to The Castle and always aiming for the best, yet also quite a strict man who seems, to me, to be someone who doesn’t forgive or forget anyone that crosses him.

I loved all the minute detail of the daily running of the hotel and the gossip about staff and residents. I did actually wonder if Chapman had had to change some names as he is quite cutting and sarcastic about some people, and I would have thought this may have caused offence if you were the person in question! I also found it amazing how much hard work goes into running a hotel, it sounds incredibly stressful and exhausting, and yet it all obviously appears so calm and tranquil on the surface.

The Castle sounds an idyllic place to stay, and the attention to detail which is lavished on the customer sounds luxurious. I was very excited to search out The Castle (and it didn’t take much searching as it occupies an amazing site in Taunton) and it is a stunningly beautiful building with turrets, gorgeous stonework, and heavenly wisteria growing over the façade. It’s definitely one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. I actually chickened out of going inside as it seemed so gorgeous that I felt I didn’t belong there! To stay there, to eat a meal, or to attend one of the interesting events the owners organise, would be a dream come true – but then I looked at their website and saw the prices. Unfortunately it will have to stay as a dream. But perhaps I’ll pluck up the courage to go in for a pot of tea!

This book is highly recommended though, a really interesting and cheeky read, even if you don’t live anywhere near The Castle.

An Innkeeper's Diary (Paperback)

By (author): Kit Chapman

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