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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It reminded me very much of an Agatha Christie novel, particularly because the story is set in an older time, the mid 1800s, with large rambling houses complete with servants and butlers and paid companions. The novel tells the story of Lizzie Martin and her arrival in London from Derbyshire to be a paid companion to Mrs Parry. She discovers that her predecessor, Madeleine Hexham, has mysteriously disappeared and is then found murdered. Lizzie feels a connection to Madeleine and is keen to discover the truth of what has happened to her, with the help of Inspector Ross. Obviously the murderer does not want Lizzie to succeed in this mission so there are plenty of dangerous situations and suspicious circumstances that she comes across. Lizzie is a great character; quite a determined, independent and outspoken young woman living in a time when these traits were not expected from women.

It is a great read, the pace is good, and there is a good range of characters, all of whom have secrets to conceal and could possibly be the murderer. I also loved all the details of Victorian London, and particularly the construction of St Pancras Station as this is one of my favourite buildings in London.

This is the first Ann Granger book I have read but she looks as if she has written many, and at least one other featuring Lizzie Martin, so I feel sure I will be hunting down more.