This is a very powerful and thought-provoking book, and one that is absolutely fascinating. It is the diary of a drug user and details her first experience with drugs and subsequent addiction to them, her harrowing experiences and determination to leave them alone, and then, inevitably, to using them again.

It sounds a very depressing read and it is depressing in parts, but Alice is such an interesting person, very literate and intelligent and moral, she is close to her family and regrets the pain she is causing them, she is funny and can see her own faults and weaknesses, and she is very positive at times and grateful for the love and kindness shown to her. Reading the book of a diary, I find, is one of the most fascinating things to read as you see someone’s innermost thoughts, there is far less of a front put on, people are more honest and revealing – and it is therefore addictive to read.

It also challenged my stereotyped ideas of drug users as Alice comes from a good and loving background as opposed to being desperate and having no options in life. The main cause of her taking drugs, as far as I can judge, is her low self esteem and her desire to fit in and be popular, and I find this extremely disturbing as almost every teenager experiences this in one way or another. The book is one that probably ought to be read by all teenagers or anyone tempted by drugs as it seems a very honest account and a very balanced one – Alice does say how good the drugs make her feel and how much she enjoys them but she also provides the reader with the darker side to them so I think, as there is this mix of both, that her voice would be a good one to listen to.

I grew to really like and admire Alice and was so strongly wishing her well and hoping she would succeed in her aim to keep off drugs. I found it quite heartbreaking at the end of the book as I had grown to know Alice well and to care for her. This is definitely a book, and a person, that will stay with me for a long time.

Interestingly, after reading this book I searched on Amazon and Wikipedia for more information and found that many people believe that it is not a genuine diary. However, I feel if it is or isn’t genuine, I still think it is a fascinating read.

Go Ask Alice (Paperback)

By (author): Anonymous

Alice is 15 years old and appears a perfectly normal teenager; she diets, goes out with boys, and gets good marks at school. Without her parents being properly aware, she tries drugs and falls into addiction. The difference between Alice and a lot of other kids on drugs is that Alice keeps a diary.
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