This story is about Nicholas Spencer, the head of Gen-Stone company, who has supposedly died in a plane crash – but was the plane sabotaged by his enemies, is he dead or did he actually escape and is hiding, or is the whole accident a scam engineered by Nicholas to enable him to disappear with huge sums of Gen-Stone money? The reader follows Carley, a journalist, as she investigates Nicholas and Gen-Stone.

Second Time Around is an enjoyable read, but I didn’t find it as gripping as her other books I have read. I think I prefer her dead-body-found-in-mysterious-circumstances type story where the reader has a list of suspects to ponder about, to this story about financial and medical crimes.

Second Time Around (Paperback)

By (author): Mary Higgins Clark

Following her UK No 2 success with DADDY'S LITTLE GIRL, this is Mary Higgins Clark's new bestseller.
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