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I really enjoyed this book. It is set in war time and follows three city girls who have volunteered to work on farms in order to replace the men fighting in the war. Prue, Ag, and Stella come from different parts of England and have to adapt to life in the countryside and hard physical labouring on a farm, yet they form strong relationships and learn a great deal during their time there.

The book really opened my eyes to another aspect of war; not the soldiers fighting in the trenches that I’ve usually read about but the people left to cope in England and the struggles they faced. I found it fascinating to imagine how difficult the land girls’ arrival must have been for the men left behind on the farms and for them to see women doing jobs that are traditionally men’s. It was also inspiring to read how hard it was initially for the women to adapt to life in the countryside far from home and to undertake hard physical jobs, and yet also to see how much both the women and men gained and learned from the experience. I love the idea of how war brought out people’s determined spirits and how they were all bonded together in one aim; to win the war, whether working as land girls, going to fight in battle, waiting and hoping for news of loved ones away fighting, the fear of the planes and bombs, even down to sacrificing saucepans for metal. I always find books like these very inspiring and uplifting. I also found it fascinating to see how important women were to the survival of the war and what an important part they played, and how this helped bring about a change in the role of women in the future.

I liked all the characters and thought they were well written and well rounded and very believable. I also admired the fact that the author didn’t take the easy option and have everything turn out as a happy-ever-after for each character; it seemed far truer to life that the characters didn’t all end up with the person they loved or managed to stay living in the place they wanted, etc, it is more common in life to get some of what you want but not all of what you want,yet books often have their characters achieving the perfect life, and I admired the author for not doing this.

I found this an entertaining and enjoyable read.