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Review provided by Clare Stone I have put off reading this book for years. Now I wish I had read it sooner. Lucy is a very believable character. She has all the predictable heroine traits, but she is also conscious of what society thinks of her. In that way she is vulnerable, and throughout the [...]

This story is about Rose and Diana and their experiences having been evacuated to the quiet coastal village of Salmouth in 1943 during the war. They both have to grow up quickly and learn responsibilities and how to look after themselves and each other. This time in history is also one of great change for [...]

I found this quite a disturbing and uncomfortable tale yet also a clever and eye-opening one, and one that encourages the reader to contemplate how we live our lives today and how we treat others around us. It is about a post-nuclear world where the inhabitants are intent on preserving the ‘pure’ form as dictated [...]


Classic Book Club

Please leave your reviews and comments about any books you have read, whether they be old classics such as Bronte, Austen or Dickens, or modern-day classics such as Dan Brown, Cathy Kelly or Marian Keyes.