This story is about Rose and Diana and their experiences having been evacuated to the quiet coastal village of Salmouth in 1943 during the war. They both have to grow up quickly and learn responsibilities and how to look after themselves and each other. This time in history is also one of great change for women as they are gaining more rights and respect as they have roles to play in the war effort, but this new-found independence was still frowned upon by many. The book gives a fascinating insight into this contrast of feelings about women’s rights during this time.

Readers are also able to compare how attitudes and conditions have changed over time, as Rose finds a diary written by the previous occupant of their cottage detailing her life in the time of the First World War, growing up, falling in love, etc, and the many hardships and difficulties that she faced. One subject vividly portrayed in the diary is how unmarried mothers were treated by society at that time, and it was quite disturbing to read the diarist’s account of how she had been locked up in mental institutions.

I thought this was an entertaining book with some interesting themes, detailed characters, and insights into the war, and I very much enjoyed it.

A Little Love Song (Paperback)

By (author): Michelle Magorian

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