Review provided by Clare Stone

I have put off reading this book for years. Now I wish I had read it sooner. Lucy is a very believable character. She has all the predictable heroine traits, but she is also conscious of what society thinks of her. In that way she is vulnerable, and throughout the book she always seems to do what society expects.

It is, essentially, a love story. But it is never over the top. Neither character ever says something that would not fit in with them, as happens in so many books. I also loved the supporting characters. Mr Emerson and Charlotte were fascinating. The first because of his eccentricity and, as one of the other characters may have mentioned, his way of doing beautiful things even whilst being improper.

George was different. Whilst he is also separate from society and appears not to mind, he is more withdrawn, less happy than his father. It is Lucy that draws him out of this in a way. George and Lucy each remove the fears or unhappiness from the other.

The descriptions of Italy and of England in the book are beautiful. And the author is clearly verging on genius in every way. My only problem is that the book is so short. I longed to go on reading it for much longer than I did, but perhaps it’s better short.

I would recommend this book very highly. It has gained an instant place in my top ten books of all time. And George and Lucy are two of my favourite characters in books. This is because of their strength and courage in doing what is right for them.

A Room with a View (Penguin Classics) (Paperback)

By (author): E.M. Forster, Malcolm Bradbury

Room with a View
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