I very much enjoyed this book; it was a very satisfying length first of all, one you could really get involved and immersed in. I enjoyed Kate’s first book, The House of Riverton, and was eagerly awaiting her second and I wasn’t disappointed.

Like The House of Riverton, this book covers several different times, telling the story from different characters and generations and their perspectives. The book ranges mainly from 1913 when Nell is a young girl and has been abandoned on a ship bound for Australia, to 1975 when she travels to England in order to learn more about her origins and identity, and to 2005 when her granddaughter, Cassandra, also travels to England to discover more about Nell’s history.

At times I did find it a little confusing jumping from time to time, particularly when the same scene was described by two different people in two different times one chapter after another, and I also seemed to get a little confused about the family relationships and who was related to who and by what link, but that is only a little niggle and often just meant I was pondering the story in-between reads, which is always an enjoyable way of spending time at work!

The story is a great mystery and is in fact several mysteries spanning several generations but all linked to Blackhurst Manor and the Mountrachet family and the little cottage on its grounds, Cliff Cottage, linked to the main grounds by a seemingly impenetrable maze. Each character is well written and has great depth with their own secrets and complicated lives and motives, and there are also several of Eliza’s fairytales threaded throughout the book which add another interesting element. The story is tantalisingly revealed piece by piece, slowly by slowly, and there is still a twist at the end that I didn’t guess.

I predict that once picking up this book you’ll be thinking about the plot and characters and racing to the end.

The Forgotten Garden (Paperback)

By (author): Kate Morton

The haunting second novel from the author of the No.1 bestseller, The House at Riverton
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