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I don’t usually read autobiographies, but I adore Stephen Fry so couldn’t resist reading his. It reads very well, and I like the way it skips about in a fairly random fashion from subject to subject much as if he was really speaking to you and a thought occurs to him and he goes off [...]

Engleby by Sebastian Faulks

This is the story of Mike Engleby, in the form of his journal, beginning with his time at university in the 1970s, looking back to his school days, and coming up to present day. The novel develops from just a journal into a very clever and unusual piece of work as a fellow student (Jennifer) [...]

This was a great book to read. It is the story of several characters living their lives in London during the period of the war – some of their actions and the difficulties they face are influenced by the effects of war, but many are just the characters making normal mistakes, concealing secrets, having relationships, [...]

This book surprised me as it seemed more of a ‘chick-lit’ book than I expected it to be. It is the story of Brian Jackson and the beginning of his life at university, how he tries to fit in with the community there while still being loyal to his friends and mother back home, his [...]


Classic Book Club

Please leave your reviews and comments about any books you have read, whether they be old classics such as Bronte, Austen or Dickens, or modern-day classics such as Dan Brown, Cathy Kelly or Marian Keyes.