This book surprised me as it seemed more of a ‘chick-lit’ book than I expected it to be. It is the story of Brian Jackson and the beginning of his life at university, how he tries to fit in with the community there while still being loyal to his friends and mother back home, his dream to be a contestant on TV’s University Challenge, his feelings of being misunderstood and of not being quite successful or clever or socially adept or handsome enough, and of his attempts to win the affections of the beautiful Alice who is clearly out of his league.

Nicholls is described in the leaf of the book as being a legitimate heir to the throne of Nick Hornby – I’m not a big fan of Nick Hornby, but I wouldn’t say this book is anywhere near as good as Hornby’s. I wonder whether the book is more aimed at men with tapping into their reminisces of university life and misunderstandings with girls, so perhaps this is why the book didn’t grab me.

I can see it is a funny book full of humorous situations but it didn’t really make me laugh that much, apart from the description of Brian attempting to carry his newly purchased dumbbells home which did make me laugh out loud.

Overall, I wasn’t that impressed with this book but I do feel that as I may not be the target audience then perhaps I am not the best judge.

Starter For Ten (Paperback)

By (author): David Nicholls

Starter for Ten
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