I found this quite an unusual book and thought it was a very interesting idea. Christopher has autism so he sees the world and people he meets differently to most people. He finds the neighbour’s dog dead and is determined to find out who killed it. Christopher sees things in a very black and white way, however, and the story behind the dog’s death is complicated and Christopher has to involve himself with many other people during his investigation; a thing he finds extremely difficult.

As well as his investigation into the dog’s death, Christopher still has to cope with difficulties common to many people, such as family arguments, school, etc, and it is fascinating to see how an autistic mind works on these difficulties.

I thought it was a very brave book as it has probably made many people think about how it must feel to experience life as an autistic person and as a parent of an autistic person; it certainly made me consider this. I also imagine it must have been a very difficult and challenging book to write. I like the character of Christopher; he is a very brave and admirable boy. It is a relatively small book so is quite a quick read. (I still don’t get the logic of which door the car is behind, though!)

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