I do absolutely adore Agatha Christie books and can read them over and over again, although I think I slightly prefer Miss Marple to Hercule Poirot. This is a Poirot tale, and the story begins with a girl coming to Poirot and asking for his help as she thinks she may have committed a murder, she then changes her mind about seeking help and leaves with no further explanation. Poirot is then trying to discover who the girl is and the circumstances surrounding her ‘confession’ and whether someone has actually died. He is enthusiastically helped along the way by his friend, Ariadne Oliver.

I love his thought processes and his quirkiness. I love the way Christie gives enticing little nuggets of information that the reader isn’t certain is relevant or not. Sure enough, like every time I read an Agatha Christie, I had a couple of points in my mind from the plot that I thought I’d been quite clever in spotting, and I love the way her novels encourage the reader to do this.

This is a light and very enjoyable read and, as with all her books in my view, you can depend on enjoying it thoroughly.

Third Girl (Poirot) (Hardcover)

By (author): Agatha Christie

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