I am full of admiration for the plot of this book, it is so clever and original – ten people are invited to an island and then one by one they are killed off! They are all brought to the island under false pretences and then slowly realise that they have all been tricked, yet all have been selected because they have brought about the death of another person and have been summoned to the island by the killer to be punished.

I first read this when I was younger and I remember finding it extremely scary. In fact my old copy (handed down to me, like all the books in my Agatha Christie collection, by my grandma) has the original title, I often think I should get a copy of the revised title to see how many changes there are, eg, the name of the island, the poem in the house, etc). Even though I was young and easily scared when I first read the book, I still think it is a chilling book today as it touches on so many nightmares of ours such as the feeling of being trapped somewhere you can’t escape from and with nowhere to summon help and not knowing who to trust; these themes work brilliantly in this story using the island almost like a prison and developing the suspicious feelings of the characters towards each other. Every person on the island is effectively alone as they don’t know each other and so can’t be sure whether to trust and confide in someone, yet they feel almost dependant on the other strangers there as each one is also trapped on the island and going through the same experience. And, of course, each person there is trying to decide who amongst him or her is the killer.

I love the brilliant touch of the children’s nursery rhyme on the wall of the ten boys and how each dies until ‘then there were none’, and the deaths of the people on the island following the order and manner of the deaths in the rhyme – what a excellent way to build tension; knowing someone else will be killed and having a rough idea of how, and being completely unable to prevent it or to escape. I also love the ten statues on the table, with one disappearing each time a person dies.

What an imagination this author has. This is the type of book you could easily read in one sitting, and one I’d be surprised if any reader guessed the solution of. Totally ingenious, and possibly her very best book.

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