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I found this to be a book of nonsense! I can see from the quotes of reviews on the sleeve of the book that O’Neill and his books are highly regarded – perhaps something passed me by, but I found the book annoying and ridiculous. It is set in Victorian England and is the story [...]

This is a gentle read to a degree, being set in the 1800s when books weren’t full of blood and guts and there were rules to follow in polite society, but it also has quite a lot of suspense and a great plot. Robert Audley is introduced to his rich uncle’s new wife but discovers [...]

This book begins in a very dramatic fashion with Alice attempting suicide, and the reader is then led through Alice’s life to discover what has led up to this decision. I found the book (as described on the sleeve) un-put-down-able and couldn’t stop reading it. The tension is built up beautifully as Alice is a [...]


Classic Book Club

Please leave your reviews and comments about any books you have read, whether they be old classics such as Bronte, Austen or Dickens, or modern-day classics such as Dan Brown, Cathy Kelly or Marian Keyes.