I found this to be a book of nonsense! I can see from the quotes of reviews on the sleeve of the book that O’Neill and his books are highly regarded – perhaps something passed me by, but I found the book annoying and ridiculous. It is set in Victorian England and is the story of Evelyn who has the Devil living in her mind with him escaping in her dreams to kill people who have tried to eradicate him. She meets McKnight and Canavan who try to help her and who venture into Hell to evict the Devil. (Just writing that out emphasises how ridiculous it sounds!).

The description on the back of the book gave no hint that this was some kind of fantasy/supernatural story instead of a normal detective ‘whodunnit’ story so I wasn’t prepared at all for stories of the Devil and Hell and possession, etc, and I probably wouldn’t have picked up the book if this had been apparent to me, but perhaps O’Neill is known for these types of books.

The Lamplighter (Paperback)

By (author): Anthony O'neill

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