This is the story of Teddy’s life; beginning when he was born in Africa to his mother Clara, the discovery that he is not her husband Hugo’s son so therefore not heir to the Ransome fortune, him being then sent away to England and effectively erased from Hugo’s life and separated from his mother. The effect of this separation on Teddy and Clara is understandably huge, and the book then follows Teddy through later life as a husband and father, and a successful but fraudulent solicitor who is eventually discovered as a thief. The book then deals with the consequences of Teddy’s crime, particularly on his family and daughter Crystal.

This was an interesting book; it didn’t grab me at first but it did get a bit more gripping when Teddy’s crime was about to be discovered. I found it interesting that the main characters of the book changed in importance as the book progresses, and I wouldn’t say it was a book particularly about Teddy as the first part of the book has Clara and Hugo as the main characters and the end of the book is more about Crystal, and yet other characters that seem important such as Teddy’s wife Susan are dispatched surprisingly abruptly – I was interested in the author’s thinking behind this.

I was also very intrigued by Teddy’s choice of crime, i.e. abusing the trust of elderly clients, and whether this was related in some way to his childhood where his trust was abused by his parents/elders. And I found it interesting to search for the reasons behind Teddy’s crime, i.e. his attempt to provide the security for his family that he never experienced as a child.

I did have this labelled in my mind as a pretty ordinary book, but I find after I have finished it that I am thinking over the content of it more and more and becoming more aware of interesting things in it.

Waiting For The Sea To Be Blue (Paperback)

By (author): Philippa Blake

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