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This novels details the threat to our world from aliens; beginning by fireballs falling from the sky into the oceans, then ships mysteriously sinking, then strange creatures coming from the ocean and kidnapping people, and finally the rising of our oceans likely to bring about our destruction. This is the battle of aliens to stake claim to our planet, and our attempts to defend it. These occurrences, and the indecision of people on how to act and what to believe and the frustration with the lack of information, are documented by Mike Watson, a journalist.

I wasn’t really expecting much from this book as I’m not a science-fiction/fantasy fan, but the story gripped me right from the start and I can (and will!) happily enthuse about the book to anyone. I like the way it is written as someone’s account, like a diary almost, and I like the character of Mike Watson and his wife Phyllis, and I enjoyed the unfolding mysteriousness of the story.

I admire the way the action and drama is interspersed with long periods of inactivity and debate and uncertainty, as I felt this built up the tension and also seemed more realistic as there often is a great deal of planning and checking and disagreement and stalling by authorities when action needs to be taken. The slowness of people to believe a disaster is taking place and what form that threat was taking also seemed realistic and I think this would be just how people would be likely to react; by refusing to accept that it is the action of aliens and spending a great deal of time looking desperately for alternative solutions.

I found it very thought-provoking that many of the disasters and threats detailed in this story written decades ago mirror our fears today and the threat to our world, such as the rising of the seas (although not, I’m fairly certain, caused by aliens!).

A very enjoyable and intelligent and unusual book with plenty of tension and terror, and I am full of admiration for such a well-told story – and definitely made aware again not to prejudge a book.