This is the story of novelist Flora Miles and her aim to write a biography of her mother’s cousin Claudia Charles, a famous author. Flora faces many difficulties along the way, not least the resistance of her family to her writing this biography and several unexpected turns that her life takes during the writing of the book, and she struggles to complete the task. However, as she discovers more about Claudia, she also discovers many things about herself.

It is a very interesting idea that Flora is writing about someone who she doesn’t really know and so therefore finds out things about her life and character along the way, almost like a mystery unfolding in the way she (and the reader) gradually discover more and more detail and nuggets of information about Claudia. There are tantalising clues about Claudia revealed from other people’s descriptions and memories, although some of these stories paint different pictures of Claudia so it is a challenge for Flora to determine her true character.

I was intrigued by the description on the back of the book as it sounded very ‘bookish’ with an author writing a biography of an author, and the story is indeed lovely and ‘bookish’ with the whole family being immersed in books and writing and literary launches, etc, which is fascinating to read. I also loved the description of Flora’s life as a writer; I imagine most keen readers dream of being a writer themselves, so to have this insight into a writer’s world is fascinating.

The Real Claudia Charles (Paperback)

By (author): Hazel Hucker

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