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This is a wonderful, entertaining, and touching story about Mr & Mrs Ransome who have all their possessions stolen in a burglary including chairs, beds, bathroom cabinets, mirrors, etc. While trying to deal with the shock of this, Mrs Ransome slowly begins to feel quite liberated with having to start all over again and a relief at not being encumbered by all the possessions gathered over several decades, and also recognises the chance this offers her to begin a new stage in her life by attending evening classes, watching daytime television, visiting different shops, and eating different foods, etc.

The book is full of things that made me chuckle, particularly Mrs Ransome’s determination to experience new things, and her visit from the counsellor sent round to help her deal with her traumatic feelings after the burglary who is just the kind of well-meaning but ineffectual person you’d expect in a book. I was also laughing out loud when Mrs Ransome was trying to attract attention at the storage facility and ended up setting off alarms and alerting the guard dogs; the whole scene is so beautifully and vividly described that I could see the complete comical image in my head.

There are also several touching points, particularly Mrs Ransome’s realisation that not only has the burglary robbed them of their possessions, it has robbed them of their little marital secrets such as Mr Ransome secretly using his wife’s hair dye on his moustache and presuming she knows nothing about this (even though she does), and now the hair dye has been stolen along with the bathroom cabinet he is loathe to ask her to purchase some more hair dye and therefore admit his secret.

I found it interesting to consider how a traumatic event such as a burglary could affect you and actually become a turning point, distressing though the event would be.
I also thought it very accurate of human nature how when Mr & Mrs Ransome tell people of the burglary expecting a listening and sympathetic ear, these people interrupt the tale to give their own stories of similar disasters.

The ending of the book was a surprising twist and one I didn’t see coming. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of reading this book, it is wonderful as all his books seem to be.