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This is a family drama kind of book, much like Thornbirds or Penny Vincenzi’s Spoils of Time trilogy; one where the reader stays with the family for decades and sees each member grow up and deal with happiness and disappointments. The book tells the story of Alice and her life, her early relationships and career, her meeting and marrying Charlie and subsequently how her life changes dramatically when he becomes president, and how these changes affect her life and how she deals with her doubts about her husband’s decisions for the country. Although the names are changed, it is clear that Charlie is George W Bush and this is the story of his wife and his life seen through her eyes.

It is an enjoyable story and easy to read but not an overly deep or involving one, I felt. I found the first three-quarters of the book more interesting as it was all about her life before meeting Charlie and then their relationship highs and lows, but the final quarter of the book I found less interesting as it was much more about politics and their political beliefs.