Christie’s books are sheer genius; every time I read one I am impressed all over again at her superiority in devising plots, and this is one of her best.

This is the story of a family gathering at Gorston Hall, with many of the family members having long-running disagreements with each other, many of these having been fuelled and encouraged by the patriarch of the family Simeon Lee. Simeon is then found murdered (quite gruesomely for a Christie book in fact) inside a locked room and with only the family members realistic suspects. Poirot arrives with the police to investigate, and he deducts the brilliant solution.

I have read this book many times and it remains one of my favourites as the solution is so clever and unexpected, and yet (as always) the clues are all there for the reader.

Title: Hercule Poirot's Christmas <>Binding: Paperback <>Author: Agatha Christie <>Publisher: Harper Collins Paperbacks
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