This is the account of Peter and his wife’s first year living in Provence, with all the charming delights and disasters they experience. I read this book many years ago and can remember laughing out loud at it on several occasions.

I like his style of writing as he only gently pokes fun at people and is also quick to laugh at himself as well, and is very good at identifying the irony in situations. On this reading (perhaps now I’m older and have different priorities) I was fascinated by the descriptions of the French food; how simple it can be but how full of flavour, and I longed to experience it for myself and the delight of discovering a dark little eating place tucked away and it providing the most delicious food with a perfect balancing of flavours with the passion of the cook coming through. This is a great read; very funny and heartwarming and entertaining.

A Year in Provence (Paperback)

By (author): Peter Mayle

Year in Provence
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