This is the story of the bumbling Lord Emsworth and how he tries to avoid the responsibilities of his role as a Lord, preferring a quiet life and hobbies such as pig-rearing.

This is an entertaining book, but I prefer the Jeeves & Wooster stories as I find them funnier and like the characters more than the Blandings characters, and I personally think it works better having the slightly incapable yet well-meaning main character being someone younger as this makes him more of a contrast with other people his own age who are dynamic and determined and independent. However, I still found Blandings Castle amusing, especially Freddie’s attempts to sell dog biscuits to his aunt and him being driven to eat them himself in order to demonstrate how nutritious they are and then having a coughing fit, and when he brings Beefy’s mongrel dog into the refined Blandings sitting room to demonstrate the dog’s superior abilities which results in a fight between the aunt’s pedigree dog and Beefy’s dog – all wonderful well-told stories.

Blandings Castle and Elsewhere
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